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Project Name Country Funds Source Executing Agency Focal Area Start Date End Date Contact Total Grant
Wasini Island Marine Conservation ProjectKenyaUNDP/GEF-SGPWasini Beach Management UnitBiodiversityDec-12Nov-14Muhidin HamisiUS$ 36,833.00
Contributing to Sustainable Knowledge Management of UNDP/GEF-SGP Funded Grantees Community Projects in KenyaKenyaUNDP/GEF-SGPCommunity Action for Nature ConservationClimate Change MitigationJul-11Dec-12Hadley BechaUS$ 24,000.00
Sustainable fisheries: testing methods for improving livelihoods in coastal communities in northern KenyaKenyaUNDP/GEF-SGPCORDIO EAST AFRICAInternational WatersDec-08Jun-10Paul TudaUS$ 42,710.00
Rehabilitation of Lake Jipe Ecosystem: Sustainable Fish Farming at JipeKenyaUNDP/GEF-SGPMrunganyiko Women Fish Farmers, GroupBiodiversityJul-07Jul-09Domitilla NzomoUS$ 29,246.00
Lake Jipe Conservation ProjectTanzaniaUNDP/GEF-SGPMIFIPRO TRUST FUNDInternational WatersDec-06Dec-08George MadundoUS$ 39,453.00
Small scale fish farming in 3 Caprivian conservanciesNambiaUNDP/GEF-SGPIntergrated Rural Development and Nature ConservationBiodiversityMay-06Jul-06US$ 3,000.00
Baseline and Exposure Studies for Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) in the Okavango DeltaBotswanaUNDP/GEF-SGPUniversity of Botswana, Department of ChemistryJul-05Jul-09Nelson TortoUS$ 50,000.00

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