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Project Name Country Funds Source Executing Agency Focal Area Start Date End Date Contact Total Grant
Removal of Barriers to the Introduction of Cleaner Artisanal Mining and Extraction TechnologiesBrazil; Indonesia; Sudan; Tanzania United Republic of; Zimbabwe; Lao People's Democratic RepublicUNDPInternational Waters12/6/200112/29/2006$20
Rescue Plan for the Cap Blanc Colony of the Mediterranean Monk SealMauritaniaNetherlands: Institute for Forestry and Natural Research,Department of Aquatic Ecology (IBN-DLO)Biodiversity$150,000.00
Research Moored Array for African-Asian-Australian Monsoon Analysis and Prediction (RAMA)
Restauration de la biodiversité et aménagement des Zones Humides Côtières de Bingerville
Restoration of Round Island
Reversal of Land and Water Degradation Trends in the Lake Chad Basin EcosystemCameroon; Central African Republic; Chad; Niger; Nigeria; Libyan Arab JamahiriyaUNDP; WBInternational Waters1/19/200312/18/2008$13.42
Reversing Land and Water Degradation Trends in the Niger River BasinBenin; Guinea; Mali; Niger; NigeriaWB; UNDPInternational Waters5/16/20038/30/2010$30.27
Review of the National Biodiversity Strategy, Development of the Action Plan and Participation in the National Clearing House Mechanism
Second Natural Resources Management ProjectTunisiaWBMultiple Focal Areas5/10/201012/30/2013$85.43
Senegal River Basin Water and Environmental Management ProgrammeMali; Mauritania; Senegal; GuineaWB; UNDPInternational Waters10/27/20037/30/2008$40.07
SIP-Eastern Nile Transboundary Watershed Management in Support of ENSAP ImplementationEgypt; Ethiopia; SudanWBMultiple Focal Areas9/23/200812/30/2014$28.03
SIP-Equatorial Africa Deposition Network (EADN)Burundi; Cote d'Ivoire; Congo The Democratic Republic of; Ghana; Kenya; Malawi; Mozambique; Nigeria; Senegal; Tanzania United Republic of; UgandaUNEPMultiple Focal Areas9/13/20118/29/2015$8.01
SIP-Integrated Ecological Planning and Sustainable Land Management in Coastal Ecosystems in the Comoros in the Three Island of (Grand Comore, Anjouan, and Moheli)
SIP-Lake Victoria Environmental Management Project IIBurundi; Kenya; Rwanda; Tanzania United Republic of; UgandaWBMultiple Focal Areas9/21/200812/22/2017$140.34
South West Indian Ocean Fisheries ProjectKenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Comoros, Madagascar, Seychelles, Mauritius, South AfricaGlobal Environment ProjectWBMultiple Focal AreasSep 11, 200531-Mar-13Xavier F. P. VincentUS$ 29.24  million
Southern Africa Biodiversity Support Programme
Southern African Development Community - SADC - Groundwater and Drought Management ProjectBotswana; Mozambique; South Africa; ZimbabweWBInternational Waters3/22/200412/31/2010$14.25
Strategic Partnership for a Sustainable Fisheries Investment Fund in the Large Marine Ecosystems of Sub-Saharan Africa (Tranche 1, Installment 2)
Strategic Partnership for the Mediterranean Large Marine Ecosystem--Regional Component: Implementation of agreed actions for the protection of the environmental resources of the Mediterranean Sea and its coastal areasAlbania; Algeria; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Croatia; Egypt; Lebanon; Libyan Arab Jamahiriya; Morocco; Montenegro; Syrian Arab Republic; Tunisia; Turkey; Palestinian Territory occupiedUNEPMultiple Focal Areas4/7/20087/31/2014$43.20
Strengthening the Clearing House Mechanism Focal Point for the Participation in the Pilot Phase of the CHM of the CBD
Support to the Cubango-Okavango River Basin Strategic Action Programme ImplementationAngola; Botswana; NamibiaUNDPInternational Waters9/23/20139/30/2017$67
Sustainable Financing of the Protected Area System in Mozambique
Sustainable Groundwater Management in SADC Member StatesAngola; Botswana; Congo The Democratic Republic of; Lesotho; Madagascar; Malawi; Mauritius; Mozambique; Namibia; Seychelles; South Africa; Swaziland; Tanzania United Republic of; Zambia; ZimbabweWBInternational Waters9/23/20139/30/2018$50.59
Sustainable Management of “Dolphin Watching” in Mauritius through Training and Public Awareness
Sustainable Management of Fish Resources - under the Strategic Partnership for a Sustainable Fisheries Investment Fund in the Large Marine Ecosystems of Sub-Saharan AfricaSenegalWBInternational Waters11/14/20056/30/2012$25.15

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