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Project Name Country Funds Source Executing Agency Focal Area Start Date End Date Contact Total Grant
Combating Living Resource Depletion and Coastal Area Degradation in the Guinea Current LME through Ecosystem-based Regional ActionsAngola; Benin; Cameroon; Congo; Cote d'Ivoire; Equatorial Guinea; Ghana; Guinea; Guinea-Bissau; Liberia; Nigeria; Sierra Leone; Togo; Gabon; Congo The Democratic Republic of; Sao Tome and PrincipeUNEP; UNDPInternational Waters11/20/20034/29/201265.4
MED Integration of Climatic Variability and Change into National Strategies to implement the ICZM Protocol in the MediterraneanAlbania; Algeria; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Egypt; Lebanon; Libyan Arab Jamahiriya; Morocco; Syrian Arab Republic; TunisiaUNEPInternational Waters11/10/20098/31/20139.45
West Africa Regional Fisheries Program (WARFP)Cape Verde; Liberia; Senegal; Sierra LeoneWBInternational Waters4/23/200811/23/201416.05
A Rodrigues Marine ObservatoryMauritiusUNDPBiodiversityAug-97Aug-99Kamini BeedaseeUS$ 483,000.00
Adaptation to Climate Change in the Nile Delta Through Integrated Coastal Zone Management
Addressing Land based Activities in the Western Indian Ocean
Addressing Land-based Activities in the Western Indian OceanComoros, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mozambique, Seychelles, Tanzania United Republic of, South AfricaGEFUnited Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS)Eastern Africa, SIDS (Africa), Southern Africa, Small island developing States15-May-0329-Jun-10Mr. Peter Scheren11.41M US$
Addressing Land-based Activities in the Western Indian OceanComoros; Kenya; Madagascar; Mauritius; Mozambique; Seychelles; Tanzania United Republic of; South AfricaUNEPInternational Waters5/15/20036/29/201011.41
Addressing Transboundary Concerns in the Volta River Basin and its Downstream Coastal AreaBenin; Burkina Faso; Cote d'Ivoire; Ghana; Mali; TogoUNEPInternational Waters5/21/200711/30/201216.21
Addressing Transboundary Concerns in the Volta River Basin and its Downstream Coastal Area
African Coelacanth Ecosystem Programme (ACEP)
African Monitoring of Environmental for Sustainable Development (AMESD)
African NGO-Government Partnership for Sustainable Biodiversity Action
Agulhas and Somali Current Large Marine Ecosystems Project.Comoros, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mozambique, Seychelles, Somalia, South Africa and Tanzania,.UNDP/GEFWestern Indian Ocean region
Agulhas Current Transport
Alexandria Coastal Zone Management Project (ACZM)EgyptWBInternational Waters6/13/20071/31/2015654.5
Alexandria Coastal Zone Management Project (Under the Investment Fund for the Mediterranean Sea Large Marine Ecosystem)
Argo Programme
Biodiversity Strategy & Action Plan and First National Report to the CBD
Building Partnerships to Assist Developing Countries to Reduce the Transfer of Harmful Aquatic Organisms in Ships' Ballast Water (GloBallast Partnerships)Brazil; Ukraine; India; China; South Africa; Jamaica; Bahamas; Nigeria; Turkey; Argentina; Chile; Venezuela; Egypt; Ghana; CroatiaUNDPInternational Waters6/13/20079/30/201624.1
Capacity Needs Assessment for the implementation of the National Biodiversity Strategy and support to the Clearing House Mechanism
CBSP Sustainable Community Based Management and Conservation of Mangrove Ecosystem in Cameroon
Clearing House Mechanism Enabling Activity
Climate Variability and Predictability
Coast Integrated Conservation Project

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