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Project Name Country Funds Source Executing Agency Focal Area Start Date End Date Contact Total Grant Thematic Areas Website LME Region Lead Implementing Agency
Oil Pollution Management Project for the Southwest Mediterranean Sea$Click to Follow
Partnership Interventions for the Implementation of the Strategic Action Programme (SAP) for Lake TanganyikaBurundi; Congo The DUNDPInternational Waters2/3/2008$$57.70Click to Follow
Partnership to Mainstream Marine and Coastal Biodiversity into Oil and Gas Sector Development in Mauritania$Click to Follow
Partnerships for Marine Protected Areas in Mauritius$Click to Follow
Peri-urban mangrove forests as filters and potential phytoremediators of domestic sewage in East Africa$Click to Follow
Pilot Project for the Reconversion of Artisanal Fishermen into Professional Fishermen$Click to Follow
Piloting Integrated Processes and Approaches to Facilitate National Reporting to Rio Conventions$Click to Follow
Pisciculture d’espèces menacées et de repeuplement de la Taouey$Click to Follow
Pollution Control and Other Measures to Protect Biodiversity of Lake TanganyikaBurundi; Congo The DUNDPInternational Waters11/30/199110/1/1998$$10Click to Follow
Programme for the Agulhas and Somali Current Large Marine Ecosystems: Agulhas and Somali Current Large Marine Ecosystems Project (ASCLME)Comoros; Kenya; MadaUNDPInternational Waters12/18/2006$$31.18Click to Follow