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Project Name Country Funds Source Executing Agency Focal Area Start Date End Date Contact Total Grant Thematic Areas Website LME Region Lead Implementing Agency
Integrating Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change into Sustainable Development Policy Planning and Implementation in Southern and Eastern Africa$Click to Follow
Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC/UNESCO) and the Capacity Development Programme in the Western Indian Ocean Region$Click to Follow
IUCN (Eastern and Southern Africa Office)$Click to Follow
Kenya Belgium Project in Marine SciencesKenyaFlanders GovernmentKMFRI$Click to Follow
Kenya Coastal Development ProjectKenyaWBKMFRIInternational Waters5/26/201029-Oct-16Ann Jeanette Glauber$$41.69Click to Follow
Lake Manzala Engineered Wetland ProjectEgyptUNDPInternational Waters11/30/19926/29/2001$S11.89Click to Follow
Lake Victoria Environmental ManagementKenya; Tanzania UnitWBKARIInternational Waters12/29/2005$$79.40Click to Follow
Lake Victoria Environmental Management Project IIKENYA, TANZANIA, UGAGlobal Environment Facility (Gef)EAC/LVBCKENYA, TANZANIA, UGANDA, BURUNDI, RWANDA3-Mar-0930-Jun-15Stephen Ling$US$ 97.00  millionClick to Follow
Lakes Edward and Albert Integrated Fisheries and Water Resources Management ProjectCongo The DemocraticAfDBInternational Waters2/18/2014$$35.18Click to Follow
LCB-NREE Lake Chad Basin Regional Program for the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Natural Resources and Energy Efficiency (PROGRAM)Cameroon; Chad; NigeAfDBMultiple Focal Areas9/9/20119/29/2016$$193.29Click to Follow